Our services

User data on the blockchain

With Distributed Credit Chain’s verification services, a user’s basic information is verified, processed, stored locally while its hash will be recorded on DCC. Therefore, personal data can be validated and used multiple times in the future. Credit Agencies are free from having to repeatedly obtain authorization from users for access to their data.

Obtain user’s data

When an agency wants to use an individual’s data asset, the individual will submit a personal data report and verify it by using Distributed Credit Chain’s smart. As information on the blockchain cannot be tampered, the verification process will be quick and low-cost.

Provide credit services

Credit agencies can sign contracts with Distributed Credit Chain’s partnered lenders, provide risk-control services, analyze user data and provide them to lenders, who then decide whether to lend based on the results from risk-control.

Distributed Credit Chain provides anti-fraud and modeling algorithms, in order to help financial institutions process personal data without data storage. In this way, it helps financial institutions improve their risk control capabilities in accordance with compliance requirements.

Why join us
Lower costs - No need for repetitive verification, since the basic information has been verified
Non-tampered information - Data stored on blockchain-based networks
Higher corporate value - Services facing multiple users
Minimum risk of data leakage - Information stored locally
More opportunities - Connecting multiple lenders
Compliance with regulations - Secured services meet with regulations